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Men's Bracelets

Férfi Karkötők

Women's Bracelets

Női Karkötők

New Arrivals

Új Modellek

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Welcome to ZoobrA, jewelry hardware store!

We sell custom-made jewelry for the modern men and women.
Jewelry always had its place in fashion, as ancient rings, chains, and bracelets approve! In our time it becomes more and more fashion and should be combined with personal statement, as it was always a kind of statement confidence.

No longer is the gold chain link style the standard. Today’s bracelets are fabricated from a variety of materials from stone, silver, rope and leather. A handsome leather band is rugged and manly, where a rope bracelet with wooden beads or stones may demonstrate the more artistic side of a man. Layering bracelets can also look fashionable by wearing ones made from similar materials but in a mixture of weight and width.
We are trying to provide quality products, at fair and affordable prices. Most products in our store are handmade. We make all jewelry ourself. Others are carefully picked by us.